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The Grip Sock Soccer Grip Socks, Soccer Leg Sleeves, Shin Guard Strap Set

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Features & Details:

  • GREAT VALUE BUNDLE: Grip socks with Sleeve and strap ready to go for any game setting.
  • MATERIAL: Nylon 56% cotton 34% Polyester 8% spandex 2%
  • FIRM GRIP: Our Soccer Grip socks are non-slip socks for men and women that are equipped with quality anti slip grippers that make sure you stay stable and don't slide around on your feet or in your shoes. Our sticky rubber grips are true quality and won't scuff your floors or fall off in the wash like other sock brands might have done so.
  • ENHANCE YOUR AGILITY: Using our Socks, Sleeves, and Shin Guard Straps you will eliminate slippage inside the shoe, while also allowing a more comfortable feeling for your shin guards. This will allow you to be more confident in your movements when it's most crucial, thereby improving your agility avoiding messy tape, and improving overall performance. Wear these all together when doing any athletic activities and you'll never want to go back to normal socks!
  • MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE & VALUE: You get a buddle set of grip socks with the sleeve sock and strap all in one. Normally bought separately can cost you too much for its value. We know with our bundle you will receive both best performance for the best value. Our non-slip socks for men and women will eliminate slippage inside the shoe, protect your feet from getting any blisters and this will allow you to be more confident, agile in your movements, and thereby improving your overall performance.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO FOOT ODOR!: The soccer socks and sleeves are also made from breathable materials which helps keep your feet dry and shins comfortable whether you are a player or referee.
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