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Novedades Variety 6 Inch Foam Soccer Ball for Pets/Kids

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  • FOAM SOCCER BALL: for all ages 3+ ! An excellent starter ball for kids, and even adults. Friends of all ages are welcome to get up and all play together!
  • FEEL FREE TO PLAY ANYWHERE, OUTDOORS OR INDOORS: The lightweight foam ball is perfect for any environment. outdoor or indoor play, even the beach!
  • NO DISTORTED PAINTING: Our lightweight foam ball is perfectly painted on each hexagon to be able to see the ball in better lighting. We manually paint each hexagon to avoid distortions from painting used by machines!
  • HIGH-QUALITY PAINT: With our perfectly painted colors you can easily see the ball while using backyard lighting. 
  • SOFT FOAM BALL: Gives confidence to kids of all ages to get involved in the beautiful game with parents, relatives, and friends of all ages 3+! No more getting hurt after a shot to the face!
  • SIZE OF BALL: 6 inch ball 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & SMALL: Our Foam Ball is designed to make your traveling easier and just a little more fun. With our 6 inch ball, you can take it to your favorite beach, through airports, and even your best friend’s house living room in any string bag, or small backpack on the market. 
  • GREAT FOR SOCCER TENNIS: Ever wanted to play soccer tennis, but just worry about breaking something in the house because your Size 5 ball is too big? Our ball is for you. Our foam design, and soft built ball, is more reliable than your typical standard ball for less damage and more fun.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS: Our Novedades Variety ball, can be given as a gift to your favorite soon to be soccer star and any 3+ aged soccer player. Never too old to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer.
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